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Titus David Pollard, the writer, producer, and music director of SECOND DAY, has combined the unique gifts of music, drama, and marketing to thrill the audiences nationwide. Titus is best known as the founder and creator of the internationally acclaimed video LEARN to PLAY GOSPEL MUSIC, and is recognized as an authority on Gospel music instruction.

Year: 2010 -
Writer, Hallelujah, from the album My Everything, artist: Marshetta Parker
Year: 2008 -
Music Contributor and Actor “Pastor Cole” in the full-length film (DVD) “The Black Woman’s Guide To Getting Married”
Year:  2007 -
Produced Indy Music CD Project “Conversation With A Psalmist”
Year: 1999 -
Writer, Theme Music, Earl the Emu, TV Series and Book author: Pat Winston

This Pontiac, MI native has been active in the arts since six (6) years old. From a sailor in his high School’s 1976 poduction of SOUTH PACIFIC, to playing the role of David in the AMEN CORNER, drama has played a part of his artistic life, even though his primary interest is in music.

Some of his most noticeable accomplishments are: Member of BMI since 1991; played a command performance for former President Jimmy Carter in 1979; on the faculty of James Cleveland’s GMWA; sang baritone for the SPURRLOWS; lifetime member of Phi Mu Alpha; staff member and former accompanist for Lane College’s Concert Choir; and many other feats. He has accompanied artist including; Timothy Wright, Marvin and Ronald Winans, James Moore, Daryl Coley, and DeeDee Warwick.

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