Music Is Both Artistry & Science

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Music As Art & Science

Music Is Merely One Medium As Part of  a Universal Truth…


I took notice of a picture that I’m sure has been hanging on the wall of (my day job) an elementary school for some time. I’m positive that it had been placed there to inspire all who walk the hall and would take the time to contemplate the meaning inside of its message.

And within the message, there are several universal truths: Music is Artistry. Music is Science.

There is no disputing the fact that music has been used to conjure human emotion, to heighten spiritual psyche. Yes, in both religious and secular circles, denominations, living communities, and even governments have been shaped and under-girded by the power that music possesses. More often than not, the uninformed human has attempted to define music with their words, not realizing that he or she has merely described feelings for the melodies they hear. This is the Artistry of Music.

But there is a dichotomy within this (and any) artistic medium. There is a treasure within music for it employs geometry, algebra, audiology, physics and fractional computation. Music has even been studied for the affects that it has on botany, sociology and human physiology. These methodical approaches to music’s power (and I’m sure there are others) is the Science of Music.

Even the antagonist in the story of my latest novel, Hell In The Choirstand, Renard Singleton, realized this truth. He used the artistry and the science of music to complete the evil mission that he felt he was destined to carry out. to his detriment, though, he was destroyed by Jeremiah’s employment of the same musical knowledge.

Yes, the creator of this vivid piece of wall art encompassed a truth in those thirty words. Civilizations would fail to exist without the many sculptures, compositions, portraits and dance forms. Without the wide range of media – and I’m so glad that I’m helping to shape Civilization through the medium of music – artistry and science would be incomplete. “Thank You, God, for your insight and forethought to have created these artistic and scientific forms, for even you admitted that Music is pleasant to your ear.”


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God’s Music Is Prophetic

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Words from the Psalmist Titus Pollard May 27th, 2015

Prophetic Musicianship Is My Weapon!

Jules Vertitus-avitarne, one of the most widely acclaimed authors of all time with Around The World in Eighty Days, 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea and Journey to the Center of the Earth (just to name a few), was quoted during a teaching moment, “…After all, poets are not necessarily dreamers, but prophets.”

The playing of a musical instrument in the service of the Lord, contrary to the character’s (Renard Singleton) thought in my novel Hell In The Choirstand, is not for mere entertainment or for the sake of artistry alone. The Bible often characterizes music as an engagement of a prophetic weapon. Read, for example, II Kings 3:15, “…now bring me a minstrel, and it came to pass that as the minstrel played, the hand of the Lord came upon him.” Those who truly engage themselves in the employment of music should treat their gift as such a prophetic weapon; capable of warfare (Joshua) or employed for the driving away of evil spirits (David).

Let’s take any artistic medium that you would hear at a public performance or find in a gallery or museum. Two people will absorb the performance or view the display, allowing their thoughts to dictate what the display is “saying” to them – the prophetic statement. Both people may interpret the display similarly, but it is most likely that their interpretations will be in total contrast to each other. They are, after all, individuals – capable of singular thought, feeling and expression. These types of artistic offerings – from creator to public display – are, in fact, prophetic in nature because the composer, sculptor, painter, dancer – the artist – uses their medium to create while the interpretation of the finished product is left up to by its beholder.

Strong’s Greek 4394,defines prophecy as, “communicating and enforcing divine revelation.” Music – being the Universal Language, is a form of communication and a sign of true musicianship.  A song is sung or an instrumental selection is rendered during the worship experience by the (soloist, choir, instrumentalist or ensemble) performer. The listener(s) allows the music to permeate their personal worship or better yet, to “bless” them. That listener has taken that song and allowed it to speak to them in a way that only they and God understands. This is true prophecy.2015-05-27

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the King; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer.” Psalms 45:1

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