Hell In The Choir Stand – With Free Gift!

Hell in the Choir Stand

Hell In The Choir Stand – With Free Gift!

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Luciferious.” The Judge paused. “Who in their right mind would name a child this?

“Your Honor,” Adrian said nervously, “My baby’s mama told me the boy deserved that name because ‘the sperm’s from Satan.’”

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HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND by Titus Pollard, Author of Living Right on Wrong Street – The Finest in Christan Fiction

Special Price… Limited Time Offer –  $7.50 & FREE Music CD included!

In HELL IN THE CHOIRSTAND, Renard Singleton joins The Society of Tyrus; a band of self-deified, classically educated and gifted musicians of mega-churches in the Detroit metro area, who use their influence and ability to carry out the Satanic mission of corrupting Christians and confusing worship services; that is, until a God – fearing musician of equal music ability, Jeremiah David Day, moves into the area and engages The Society in a holy war using music as his weapon of choice.

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  1. Titus Pollard


    The reality of “Hell in the Choirstand”
    By Monie on May 11, 2015
    Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase
    The depth of the story-line was enhanced by the mix of factual and historical pieces that were interwoven into the story-line. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked the history lesson that started this book off. However, that history piece ended up being the aspect that intrigued me and taught me the most about how demonic influence has made, at times, a subtle attempt, no make that a subtle success at messing with “true” gospel. And it was a “page-turner” once I got to Verse 3.

    This book was also a page turner because the characters were well developed which made them believable and gave them personality. The descriptive writing of this novel helped me to visualize (in my head) the “look” of the characters as I read. And having been in church a large part of my youth the characters were solid and were good representations of the type of people you would actually encounter in church.

    I can appreciate the touch of sensuality in the book and consider it a good expression of black “married” love (but excluding the Festival of the Lambs part).

    The overarching theme of how demonic forces work their way into today’s church doesn’t seem far fetched and the approach that the author chose makes me think and causes me to be more conscious of “things” both in church and in my daily life.

    The workings described of the Society of Tyrus don’t seem far fetched and to me give a good explanation of how Satan is able to slither his way into church services.

    Finally, the use of scripture to tie each “verse” with the next was a great use of scripture.

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