Conversation With A Psamlist… (Full Album CD)


Conversation With A Psamlist… (Full Album CD)

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Praise & Worship, Smooth Jazz, Quiet Classical, Olde Traditional, Bouncy Ragtime, Inspirational; this CD has it all.

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Track List
  1. Interview
  2. Give Him Praise
  3. Hallelujah
  4. Yes God Is Real
  5. Seasons
  6. Interview
  7. Grace Notes
  8. Draw Me Nearer
  9. Raggin@TheCross.GOD
  10. Holy, Holy, Come Thou Fount, My Faith, Great Is Thy Faithfulness
  11. Got Hymns?
  12. Freestylin’
  13. The Lord Will Make A Way Somehow
  14. Blezzd Assuranz
  15. Is Your All On The Altar?
  16. Give Him Praise
Album Notes

Titus Pollard, best known as a critically acclaimed music instructor with his video series Learn to Play Gospel Piano has released a debut inspirational CD which incorporates the musical styles of Classical, Ragtime, Jazz, Traditional and Contemporary Gospel.

Conversation With A Psalmist journeys through the classic hymnal like never before. With three of the twenty-one cuts titled Blezzd Assuranz, Raggin’@TheCross.GOD and Grace Notes, a listener will have trouble deciding which piece is most inspiring.

“It’s not just an album. It’s a concept,” is the usual comments of the multitude of listeners.

Infused into the music – some vocal, some instrumental, some a combination of both – are excerpts of a faux-radio (YGOD) interview in which the artist gives commentary on Gospel music, its meaning and power in the twenty-first experience called Church.

He was introduced to the Gospel music arena in the late 80’s by the late Mattie Moss Clark, mother of the ever powerful Clark Sisters. In thirty-nine years as a musician, clinician and teacher, he has conducted high school and college groups, yielded two command performances at the White House, and ministered with and for such artists as the Mississippi Mass Choir, Timothy Wright, Karen Clark-Sheard, Marvin Winans, and the late James Moore and Ronald Winans.

*Includes Shipping

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  2. 5 out of 5


    The album is full of faith, hope, and a refreshing- charitable–way of bringing the audience an inspirational flavor of Holiness.

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